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does that seed seem correct for a 100 Mbps connection?

I'm waiting for a 1000 Mbps switch to arrive... Should be interesting to see how much it helps...

I know the emphsis with SD! is on cloaning and creating bootable backups, but it seems it would be a good option to allow straight copies over the network.

Why? NAS (networked attached storage) units are growing in popularity and necessity (people with DSLR's and massive mp3 and video collections and multiple computers).

I am using a Infrant Ready NAS X6, which gives me over a terribyte of raid 5 redunancy. This speed hit with Images may make DS! a non-option for me, as I plan to use the X6 to backup all the machines in the office. I can use Rsync, but it's much more of a pain to set up and SD! feature and interface seem really good.

Can we get a check box to allow network copies?
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