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Hi danian...

Thanks for the reply. That's a great (and simple!) solution - weighting the Shift key - I never even thought of that. Hopefully that will do it. I do think the sleep-issue is the cause as well, since last night as long as I prevented it from sleeping - by moving the mouse every few minutes, natch - it progressed fine, if slowly (it IS 60 Gb over a USB connection, after all).

I'll try it tonight, and let you know tomorrow. And thanks for the tip about archive-and-install over the restore if need be - that makes sense as well.

And fyi, as to my backup. I did one full clone "Backup - all files" (with "Erase, then copy..") initially, and have since done a couple Smart Updates. Is that what you mean? Also, as I mentioned, I have the full backup on its own 80 Gb partition.

Again, thanks for the help. Fingers crossed that it works!
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