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Originally Posted by dnanian
You're not barging in, Tom -- this is exactly what the forums are for.

Indeed, SuperDuper! will do this, no problem, and you're doing it exactly right. After your "Backup - all files" is done, try booting from it just to make sure it's working OK. Note that we've seen quite a few examples of the Porsche Design version of the LaCie drive with some seriously weird firewire/hard drive problems, that generate I/O errors with SuperDuper! and other programs that intensively use the drive. Be aware!
Dave, thanks for the response. Unfortunately that's the exact variant of the LaCie drive I got, the Porsche errors yet at 24 minutes so I'll hold out hope that it will go smoothly.

I was just checking out some of the other features SD has such as a "Smart Update" and if this works, I'll definitely throw down the $19.95 for it. And I swear I'm not just pouring candy in your ears because you're helping me...

I'll let you know how it goes...

Thanks again,
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