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Question SuperDuper! Question(s)

Hey everyone, sorry to barge in here like this, I browsed a few threads and didn't see this asked yet so here I go...

Anyway, I'm evaluating some backup program options for a new LaCie 160GB external drive I just bought so I could back up my HD. Basically, there's a hardware issue with my Powerbook that Apple needs to fix. For them to fix it, I have to send the Powerbook into them and they cannot guarantee that my data will be there when I get it back.

All I want to do is clone my HD to the external drive and make that drive bootable so that if Apple does mess with my hard drive, I can boot from the firewire drive, run Disk Utility and restore the firewire disk to the Powerbook hard drive. The reasons that I want to do this are the usual suspects, don't feel like recreating and reinstalling everything, etc., etc.

Will SuperDuper! accomplish this? I downloaded it and am trying it right now...what I did was erase the firewire drive and enabled it as a Mac OS X (journaled) drive. What ever that means.

I started SuperDuper! and selected to copy the "Macintosh HD" to the "Clone" partition on the firewire drive and selected the script "Backup - all files".

Will this accomplish what I am looking to do?

Thanks in advance,
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