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Hm, strange. OK...

Let's see if we can get the drive to boot. It's possible that your Netinfo database has been damaged.

You can see if that's the case by performing a small experiment: print out this message so you can refer to it, and type carefully!

Reboot into single-user mode (hold down Cmd-s during boot). When prompted, type:

fsck -y

If it says the file system was modified, do it again until it no longer says that. Then, do:

mount -uw /
cd /var/db/
rm .AppleSetupDone
cd netinfo
mv local.nidb local.nidb.bak

The system will then boot. You should receive the Apple Setup Assistant. When it prompts, enter your name, password and the rest of the information. (It's very important that you use the same short name as before.)

Once that's done, it should boot normally... let me know!
--Dave Nanian
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