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The CD is 10.3.9, from last March or so. Under file, the only options are:

New Window
Unmount volume
eject volume
disable journaling
fix os 9 permissions (os 9?)
page setup

So I'm still not sure why/how you boot from the installer CD, mount the sparse image, and restore.

Then I tried safe boot. Same result: the blue bar is almost to the end and it just freezes at 'Login Window Starting'.

Then verbose boot. At least 2 screens worth of text comes up before I'm left with a plain blue screen with just my mouse pointer. It took about 10 restarts till I caught the last line:

Starting Virtual Memory
Welcome to Macintosh
checking disks
/etc/rc line 286: 147 Hangup system starter -gr ${VerboseFlag}{safeboot}

what do you think?
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