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Copy Newer? or Copy Different?

I am trying to sort through this manual! I am not a computer person but NEED a computer back up and recovery solution to protect my assets!

If I have for example 10,000 or more photographs w/ each photo having a numbering scheme such as:

2005-10-04-001.tif -or- .psd

will Super Duper decide 2 of these should be erased?

I normally keep an Original, a Master Layered Copy, and several jpg's for different uses such as web, print (one for each size) iLife Projects etc...

I like to keep the "scheme" for cataloging but need to clear my original hard drive and store these on an external drive.

I just bought 2 OWC 400GB Drives for my iMac G5 so I can alternate a daily back-up.

So, now what? Copy Newer? Copy Different?

Or - could I just do a 2 Partition with a 25GB Safety Clone and just keep "Dragging & Dropping" new photos into the other Partition?

I have a PowerBook for Administrative Tasks. My iMac is for Photos & Video Only and never anything else.

I hope I've asked this in a sensible way so you can help me understand what I need to do to preserve my digital assets without any erasures for different file extensions.

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