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Volume resizing for SuperDuper! with APFS

I recently experienced a hard drive failure on an old external drive that was being using for SuperDuper backups, so I acquired a new 2TB drive that I planned to use for Time Machine, so that will remain as HFS+.

That still leaves another 2TB external drive that can be used to backup the boot drive with SuperDuper, however that seems like far too much space, given that my SSD boot drive is only 256Gigs, with about 150 gigs free at the moment. I originally figured I'd keep 250 gigs for that purpose and leave the rest for some other storage.

I went to partition this as APFS to make use of the new changes in SuperDuper, but disk utility is talking about adding volumes to the container, rather than creating fixed partitions like in the past and I'm not sure how best to proceed. Any suggestions?

On a side note, now that SuperDuper is making use of snapshots, doesn't that effectively make it a more efficient alternative to Time Machine, now we can choose the point we want to use for backup with APFS, rather than just the latest state?

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