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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
It certainly says what you're booted from in "About This Mac", but we intentionally do not change your drive to do something different on the copy. It wouldn't be much of a copy if it wasn't a...copy.

You could, of course, do things in an "On Successful Completion" shell script to mark the copy in some way. But it's definitely something I don't do.
Thanks. The point, of course, is that every time I go use my Mac, I'm not going to go to "About This Mac" and see who I'm booted from.

The "On Successful Completion" is just about what happens when you MAKE the clone. Not when you boot from it.

That's exactly right that a clone is precisely that. It's whole purpose in life is to make a boot that looks exactly like your original boot. So that's why this is more a system issue than a SuperDuper issue. SuperDuper is doing exactly what it's supposed to do. But it would be nice if the system made it more prominent which disk/partition you were booting from. I guess my question was whether there was such an option to make it conspicuous.
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