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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
If you boot from the backup and represents what you want, you can restore that in full. You can't really just restore "Mail", because it has parts all over the place.

With regard to the non-SD stuff, Apple isn't making you use WiFi. There's a version of iTunes available that lets you install applications using iTunes. But I do generally suggest solving your WiFi problem so you can move forward eventually... it's a lot worse to have hackers "nosing into your life" because you've fallen well behind the security patches then to worry about Apple doing so when, generally, they're really not: they're very privacy-first in their approaches.
Thanks dnanian,

Regarding the wifi, I am one of those 'canarys in the coal mine'. wifi gives me headaches and makes me fall asleep, as does cellphones.

I am a retired professional pilot and one of the first things that you learn is that you always turn off the radar on the ground, so that you do not cook the private parts of the ground crews marshalling you into parking.

Radar is the same as wifi/radios/microwave ovens etc.. It produces emf which causes heating/cooking of human tissue and especially the soft tissues in sexual areas of men and women. Women also have more and softer tissue which makes them more vulnerable. The problem is that it takes a long time for the problem to show up and then it is too late. Cooked tissue does not regenerate.

I used to wear a noise cancelling headset and I assume that is the reason why it is more evident to me, because there was a NC amp etc close to my brain constantly for hours.

If you think I am making it up just read the cellphone manual where it says to make sure the cell is at least 5/8" away from the ear while using. This 5/8" was based on the heating potential of microwaves using a model of a US Marine skull thickness. Those guys are a lot bigger, younger and fitter than me and most of the planet.
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