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reloading itunes with Sierra

I am running Sierra and will not be upgrading to High Sierra because I'm concerned about the changes to the sw to make it only allow me to use wifi to put stuff on my ipod. They started with the new IOS making it necessary to use wifi to DL apps so I am assuming it will just continue. WIFI gives me a big headache. Plus the new IOS is getting heavily into nosing into my life and the battery dies very quickly.

Having said that, I am having a problem with Mail where it does not allow me to use the classic look and some other things that are in the prefs. What happened is that the computer was accidentally kicked off during power interruption. Apple could not help me.

So if I use Super duper to (not sure of the proper name) reload it, does it only reload the info or does it reload the complete program?

SD has saved me some serious heartache in the past BTW. WELLLLLLL worth the investment many moons ago.
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