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wouldn't let me erase as APFS, don't know why.

then creating the partitions was a pain in the ass. Now I remember why I used some other app years ago when I first created these partitions. Tried to create 3 partitions, each with unique names, 500 gig, then 2 with 250 gig. Failed the first time, some weird error message. Second time created 2 partitions, one 800 gig, one 200 gig. Erased again, started over, first try fails, second try I get what I want but it's weird. In Disk utility and in Super Duper, it sees one of the partitions as having 800 gig when it only has 250 gig. If I bring that partition up in Finder, it sees it as only having 250 gig.

Always hated Disk Utility, tonight is no exception. But I think I have workable partitions so I'm running a cloned backup of my laptop right now. Will sleep better once that's done, haha.
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