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IMAP Mail - SuperDuper!

I use IMAP for my mail accounts, but I generally keep a small number of messages on the server and transfer the rest, so they are stored "On My Mac" inside Mail.

Recently I upgraded to High Sierra and had a major problem, following a clean install, where Mail was failing to recognise those archives and it required a lot of messing about to find a solution. The data was there, but it wasn't recognised after Apple changed the format version.

To avoid this in future, I thought it might be better to transfer those archives stored on my Mac to the IMAP server and then maintain local backups to an external drive.

For some reason it was 13 gigs of mail data in Sierra, which has now become 22 gigs in High Sierra, but the very simple question is whether SuperDuper! will keep a copy of all those IMAP messages on the external drive?

I tried checking the inbox with Time Machine, which has messages stored on the server, rather than locally, but it was showing me messages from months ago and different mail boxes, so it looks like Time Machine is unusable for this purpose.
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