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The current Beta is 5.1. If you’re having any problems, please send the log to support with the button, OK? I’ll want to see the details.

The Beta is currently quite stable...we wouldn’t have released it otherwise.

You can back up APFS->HFS+ if you want (or HFS+ to APFS, etc), but in general it’s best to go same-to-same, for hopefully obvious reasons.

Most of the problems are either we’re-not-done-with-that-yet things, or APFS-or-High-Sierra-is-Broken-and-can’t-do-that stuff. For example, some LaCie d2 Quadra drives (and perhaps others) can’t be ‘blessed’ when connected to FireWire, while they work fine on USB. Also, Apple RAID volumes can’t be blessed if they’re APFS. Both are bugs in ‘bless’ that we’ve investigated pretty thoroughly (I wrote up the issue on the blog).

For the former, things like ‘flashing’ windows when animating, etc...
--Dave Nanian

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