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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Interesting. The missing extensions seem quite unusual. Can you send me a support email? That's going to require more extensive investigation, since I'm not seeing that here.
Sure - I just sent you an email to your feedback email address. It said (also in case others have similar issues):



This is ik8sqi from the forum with the High Sierra / Safari/Chrome extensions issues.

For Safari so far I've compared the directory on the USB drive:

with the same one in Time Machine, and except for the "Extensions.plist" the files where the same.

For Chrome instead, the USB drive's directory:
/Users/cmctrf1/Library/Application\ Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Extensions

contained only a couple of random folder names, while the one on Time Machine contained 13 such folder names.

In either case (Safari/Chrome), copying those folders from time machine onto the corresponding filders on the USB drive did not solve the issue - the extensions where still missing in both Safari and Chrome, so some other files are not being copied correctly.

Unfortunately I do not have my original computer as it's now being repaired by Apple. All I have is TimeMachine and the two backups made by SuperDuper...

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