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It worked, but the 2nd drive isn't actually bootable...

Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Glad to hear it worked as expected.
I tried this on two separate external drives that used to be bootable after a SuperDuper clone prior to high sierra. With the beta and APFS, while SuperDuper does complete the copy process without any errors now, the cloned drives neither appear in the "System Preferences - Startup Disk" options, nor they appear when rebooting the macbook and pressing the "Option" key to select a boot disk.

As an FYI all my drives are encrypted with FileVault - never been an issue before APFS.

Side story - went to Apple Genius bar to repair my macbook - their hardware tests in the store now fail to run if using High Sierra as they do not see boot disks as they are all APFS volumes now...
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