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There's no intention of being patronizing, "bearheart" - rather, I'm providing the most likely solution, and also pointing out for others that it's in the User's Guide.

If yours isn't working at all, let's try resetting the entire application.

In SD!, delete any existing schedules. Quit SD! and remove the "SuperDuper!" folder in Library/Application Support (off your Home folder - Option+Finder's Go Menu > Library gets to Library, since it's hidden). Then, delete the application. DO NOT use an uninstaller app.

Open Terminal and type:

crontab -r

followed by Return. Empty your trash and restart your Mac.

Re-download SD! from my web site and reinstall by running from the download image - don't copy by hand (your serial number will still be present). Re-set-up your schedules and let's see if that helps.
--Dave Nanian
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