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As does Time Machine, of course. We're working on it. But my advice remains the same: in general, unless you need to move to High Sierra, I'd let others find the first-few-versions' bugs.

As you've likely seen, if you have an SSD, it's going to get converted to APFS. You won't have a choice. I'm sure Apple has a lot of confidence in the new file system, and it's likely quite good, but it's going to break things (for example, Disk Warrior, low-level file system tools, etc) and there just isn't any rush for most users to install it.

Don't get caught up in the "NEW!" excitement. Relax. Have a beverage. Breathe. Read about others' trials and tribulations, confident that your Mac is going to work just like it works now, there's nothing must-have in High Sierra, and waiting a little while means you'll be in a better position when 10.13.1/.2/.3 makes their inevitable appearance.
--Dave Nanian
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