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Thanks again for all your replies dnanian, just to be clear I had never intended that Super Duper be directly indicated in this unusual behavior happening, I just came here because I figured you would have the most experience of anyone I could think of in both boot/bless things, and you had always been generous in sharing your thoughts and assisting in other matters ;-)

I guess it will remain a mystery for now, as long as I have two paths for getting around it ('Command-R' which shouldn't work lol, and 'Option/Select') I simply can't think of what else I can do without starting from scratch with that drive.

One day if I have the opportunity, it will be interesting to see if the clone of that disk does same thing. Otherwise, it may be the way I created the disk (via Firewire+Voyager dock?) and some other item (rename disk after creation??) that just seems to confuse the 'blessing', though not when manually directed...just strange.

Thank you very much for all your input, if I ever come up with anything I will update you
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