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So, I am in the position of every time I shut down machine I may not be able to boot it back up without some intense and time consuming I said this 'Command-R' solution was both a 'Hail Mary' and an unexpected/unexplained temporary fix.

Having said the point I feel I have gathered as much info as I can to facilitate an understanding and at least possible permanent repair to problem, then the questions/information you are providing is something I can try and answer based on actually going through the process of shutting down again.

Unfortunately, I had already done a clone/back-up of this current 10.9.5 system when issue arose so now my back-up may also have same problem so again, I want to be as prepared as possible if things go south next time I shut down.

Is there a 'summary' of what, given your understanding of problem up to now, you would suggest and want to know next time I do commit to a full shut down?

Thanks again ;-)
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