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swapping functions of drives via dupe; then renaming

In addition to a few other drives, all with SuperDuper bootable clones of my system drive on them, I have the following three SSDs:

SSD A (my current, functioning system drive, internal to my iMac)
SSD B (an empty, unused SSD, also internal to my iMac)
SSD C (an external SSD with a SuperDuper bootable clone of A. It is connected via Thunderbolt 1 cable to my iMac.)

Each is on its own physically separate SSD. None is a partition sharing the same SSD with anything else.

I want for A and B to stay where they are inside my iMac but for them to trade functions: I want for B to function as my system drive and for A to become empty and available for another use. (Why? Because A is too small in GB capacity to accommodate my system-drive needs; B is twice the size.) I want for C to remain unchanged.

My questions are:

Should I simply use SuperDuper (while running it on A) to clone A to B? Or should I use SuperDuper (while running it on C) to clone A to B? Or should I use SuperDuper (while running it on A) to clone C to B? Or should I use the Disk Utility “Restore” tab, in some way?

Also, how can I best accomplish these drive-naming goals?:

A is named “Boot”
B is named “Temp”

Eventually, I would like for B to be named “Boot” and for A to be named “Temp”. I would like for the volumes and the drives themselves to be named this way—not just the volumes.

Many thanks,

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