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I'm experiencing a similar problem. The process completed with no errors but my system would not boot from the copy.

I was using an edited script...experimenting with excluding a couple of files/directories that (I hoped) would disable automatic syncing of Dropbox and Box Sync on the copy.

When the copy didn't boot I erased the external drive, not just the volume--I reformatted the whole drive. I started the process again, this time using the "Backup - all files" Standard Script.

Again, the process completed without errors, but I couldn't boot from the copy.

Some additional information: the source volume is a homegrown Fusion drive created from a 128GB SSD and a 1TB spinning disk. The destination is a 2TB direct-connected spinning disk. The connection is via FireWire 800 on a Mid 2011 Mac mini running macOS Sierra.

Also, I attempted all of this using Carbon Copy Cloner. I couldn't boot from its copy either. I think I have a hardware issue, not software. Any ideas for additional troubleshooting?
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