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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Check your Finder preferences to see if you have it set up to not show some devices....
Actually that was the trick, External drives excluded.
Now I see all that I need. Simply have to remember that SAMMY is the boot drive if I need to look at System Library and Apps, while everything else is available in the Internal Drive as I used Shared Users (more App speed). However apps need parameter info that are stored at the user level so the neutral apps (as Settings) are very speedy while User preferences Apps are still slower than expected as they have to read data from the internal drive anyway, in the User folder. (for example the Dock has preferences that are stored in the User folder and because 11.10 and 10.9 have different settings, 10.9 (on the internal drive) appears messed up a little when I boot back.
This makes me think that although Sandbox gave me a serious look at the possible speed increment in a way it's pushing me towards a full clone.

Thanks a lot in helping me. Superduper it's fantastic and the people behind it too! :-)
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