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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Does "About This Mac" indicate the boot volume is "SAMMY"?

Or if you disconnect the TM drive when booting back...
Thanks again!

The boot volume is SAMMY but there's no SAMMY in the finder, only Macintosh HD.

Well, just to beef up the picture, my iMac with a 5400 RPM drive has become slow. I was looking into the possibility to boot from an SSD in USB 3.0 enclosure. I have more data on the internal drive that a 250 GB SSD can hold so I was evaluating the sandbox first. In the future a more standard setup would be moving the big iTunes and iPhoto libraries out of the internal drive to an external one and keep all the system apps and docs in a superduper clone as the primary boot drive SSD, USB 3.0 (I can't find any thunderbolt case so far).

During my tests I will keep TM OFF on both the sandbox and the internal drive until I decide what's better for me, yesterday it took ages to sync TM so I have learned my lesson.. :-)

In any case superduper is fantastic!

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