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Yes, it stays read. I just hit copy now on one backup, it did it's thing (including quitting SD once complete) and when I opened SD again, still red. Interestingly, the 'show log' on this item doesn't actually open a log. All other items do.

Now, on another red backup (which has run successfully since it failed a while back), I deleted it from the schedule, opened it from 'open recent' menu, and set up a schedule again, and it showed up in the list as red, even before running it.

Any ideas?

I'm feeling like a complete uninstall/reinstall of SD is needed. I've been having this problem for a long time as well as other small glitchy things after restores and reinstalls of the OS on many drives. I'll feel better about starting from ground zero (so to speak). I'll only do this if you don't need me to send you any logs of the current issue.

If I go down this route, does renaming brand new backups identically to previous carry/link over any deeply hidden settings? For example, if I rename a new backup BU1, will the app find hidden older files which may cause my 'ground zero' scenario to be conpromised?
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