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Just so I understand the Recovery situation with Yosemite

Hi Dave
Lost an OWC ssd. The replacement warranty item arrived today. Was told by OWC that they don't like cloning to ssd's. Something about creating buggy installs. No details given.

They also said that SD won't create a Recovery partition. So I read a couple of posts here about how to manage cloning back to a new drive using SD.

So if I understand you correctly I should be able to clone back to the new main drive, then reinstall the OS from the Apple store. That will give me a Recovery disk and we are done. So in future if I clone over the main drive for any reason I will just have to down the OS from Apple on top of the cloned main.
Is this right? Hope so.

Been using SD for ages, I understand it and it has never let me down. Thanks
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