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Hey, Dave:

Thanks for the reply.

Right now, I have a one TB HD on my iMac that contains everything: all of the OS X folders needed to run the system, in addition to work files. Ultimately my goal is to swap out the SuperDrive in my iMac with the SSD, and make that the startup (Two internal HDs, no DVD).

I only want the OS on the SSD. I'm going to leave all non-OS folders/files on the platter HD.

I thought about doing a clean install of Mavericks on to the SSD, but I really don't want to go through the hassle of re-installing all of my software; in addition to fiddling with permissions on the new users folder to match the old.

I thought I could use SuperDuper to clone over just the four folders I'm guessing are the basis for OS X: System; Library; Users; and Applications. Is it possible to use SD to accomplish this?

Thanks again for the response.



Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
That is absolutely not going to work, Matt. Your system requires far more folders than those (such as the ones you're adding). What are you actually trying to leave out?

Perhaps what you should do is create a Sandbox - shared users on the SSD?
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