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Unhappy post boot-up from SD clone, icons quivering

After I boot up from my SD clone (latest version of SD, also Yosemite with all updates), the icons on my desktop are quivering/shaking. I am using a 1 year old MBPro13 w/retina. This is happening all the time after the SD boot up from the external hard drives. I have tried this on each external drive (Voyager/Icy Dock/LaCie) (the LaCie recently failed so have trashed that one, but it was happening on that too) that I have. I have used various hard drives in each of the docks. It happens all of the time. It appears all my applications and web sites are working as they should but the quivering/shaking is a big problem.

I am concerned that if I needed to use one of these clones as my fall-back, the quivering would prevent me from any meaningful productivity. Any thoughts as to what could be causing this and suggestions for a fix would be appreciated.
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