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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Hi, Tommy. Since Yosemite isn't out yet, we can't declare ourselves compatible with it. However, the existing version works with the prerelease versions, and we'll have a new update out when Yosemite is finalized.

The Recovery Volume is readily recreated through a variety of means (including simply reinstalling the OS from the App Store) should you need to, and there are free tools (including Recovery Partition Creator -, and Apple's own Recovery Disk Assistant) to do things with it as well, so we don't have immediate plans to copy it.
I realize this was a note before Yosemite was official, but while there are approaches to create/recreate a Yosemite recovery partition, I have to say that Carbon Copy Cloner has a mechanism to do so (somewhat clunky, to be sure).

When I back up a disk I would really like to be able to copy the Recovery Partition as well, all at the same time without another application to muck with!

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