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Can I take 2 USB drives to another computer and still do Smart Copy?

I use Super Duper to make a smart copy of my primary external USB drive to a nother external USB drive that is my backup of the primary drive.

I'm a mobile DJ and this has worked well. I connect both USB drives to my iMac.

So what happens if I'm at a gig using my MacBook Pro and want to do Smart Copy of my primary USB external drive to my backup drive? Can I do that even though it's my iMac where the I usually do this?

I guess my question is, does Super Duper remember the state of the smart copy backups on the drive itself or is it stored on the computer where the smart copy backup first took place?

I'm not even sure I'm asking the question correctly.

But I don't want to attempt to do a Smart Copy backup on my MacBook Pro with the same external USB drives that I usually do that with on my iMac if that would screw something up.
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