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Question duping a FV2 disk

  • New Mac mini being used for imaging.
  • source: FV2 mounted and unlocked boot HDD (from a MBP) connected to the mini via TB.
  • target: Unencrypted SSD mounted via USB3.
Imaged just fine, but the SSD won't boot in the system.

Basically I was hoping to move to this SSD w/o decrypting first (or using migration assistant, etc.), but can't seem to figure out how to get the computer to boot off the new drive. It alternates between the apple and slashed-circle logo. Guessing it's some issue with EFI and/or the missing recovery partition.

Any idea if there's a way to get this to work? Of course I can decrypt the HDD first, but that's a lengthy process that would be nice to avoid. Thanks!
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