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I had a problem this past week with SD 2.7.1 on Mavericks (10.9.1). I have been using SD since Leopard with no problems. I wanted to do a clean install of Mavericks to see if it would speed up my 2012 Macbook Pro. Although I am using TM for backup, I have more trust in SD when I might have to do a full restore. I did a "backup - all files" to an external USB, which ran with no problem. I booted the newly created back to be sure it was OK. I did my clean install of Mavericks, which did not have my hoped for result, so I decided to restore. After the restore, I saw a couple inconsistencies. In System Preferences, "Internet Accounts" was missing. Also in email, the "load images" button was missing when viewing a message with images. It didn't matter if auto load remote images was checked in preferences or not. At this point, I did a painful TM restore. All is normal now. I can't explain.
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