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Copy - "Can't continue 'event notifygr'"

Firstly some background, I'm running a registered copy of Super Duper! 2.7.1 (v91), which update checking tells me is the latest version, on a MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion (10.8.4) and backing up a 320 GB LaCie and to a 500 GB LaCie external FireWire drive. I have two scheduled copies configured, one per drive, running every week day using Smart Update to sparse bundle images on the drives.

I'm a significant fan of Super Duper! ... it's saved my data over two catastrophic failures of my Macintosh HD volume and thanks to being overly attentive to backing up, I've been back up and running with pretty much no data loss after restoring from the latest backup.

But since upgrading to Mountain Lion, I've noticed that at the end of a successful backup, I get a window appearing as you can see in the screen grab below. I can select the window and move it around, but I can't make it active, nor click on the OK button.

From looking at Activity Monitor, I can see that there's an instance of Super Duper's Copy running (and producing this window), with a parent of launchd and it's slowly clocking up CPU time and taking up just under 10 MB of real memory.

I've gone through the usual remedial steps of verifying both my Macintosh HD volume and the external drive volumes, of verifying/repairing permissions as well as rebuilding LaunchServices, but this still recurs.

I'm not running Growl but am running Hiss ( to forward Growl notifications to Mountain Lion's Notification Center, which may or may not be related to this.

At the end of the day this is a minor niggle; I'm able to force quit the instance of Copy and thus free up the allocated system resources.

Has anyone else come across this or know what's happening here and, hopefully, how to stop it happening?

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