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256GB Samsung SSD 840 Series

Hi All

Just updated my 15" 2010 MacBook Pro's internal drive to a 256GB Samsung SSD 840 Series

1) Firstly backed up MacBook to external 1TB Lacie Quadra fire wire drive.
(tested boot from external, excellent)

2) Mechanical install of internal SSD drive flawless.

3) Went to format SSD drive using disk utility, had an issue
where disk utility said the drive was locked and couldn't be formatted.

4) Rebooted holding down "command r" (recovery mode) went to disk utility
formatted the SSD drive from here, perfect. (must have killed something
that was having a hold over the drive that disk utility couldn't cope with
from the mounted drive).

4) Booted into external fire wire drive, backed up to internal SSD
rebooted from internal drive, excellent.
(opted not to do a fresh install of the OS as some people have recommended,
as I trust SD implicitly).

5) Initiated TRIM Support
(as this is not an Apple drive trim was not initiated automatically)

5) Daily back up's to an external drive are flawless.

hope this helps


forgot to mention, back up's all though fast used to take approx 15 minutes, now they take 8, very cool

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