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Good news!

Hi, David!

That's good news! :-)

I will schedule then the backups from the normal (non-admin) user-account and quit all the apps via KeyboardMaestro / AppleScript shortly before the scheduled backup.

The applications from the background are right now:

- BetterTouchTool
- BusyCal(Agent)
- Hazel
- TextExpander
- Dropbox
- DefaultFolder X
- SpyderUtility (for color-calibration)
- CrashPlan
- HoudahSpot
- Eve
- KeyboardMaestro (Engine)
- BetterSnap Tool
- WacomTabletDriver
- f.lux
- LittleSnitch

That's the complete list, I hope there's no show-stopper! :-)

Thanks again!

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