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best-use-practices scheduled backups


I have some questions regarding best-use-practices using scheduled backups.

On my iMac I have two users: an admin-user and a normal user.

Until now I've used only the admin-user to start the SuperDuper!-backups.
Before doing this I've logged off as a normal user in order to avoid any conflicts due to open applications or files.

I have scheduled the backups to run every night and everything is ok AS LONG AS I DO NOT FORGET TO LOG OFF AS NORMAL USER BEFORE.

But once in a while I do forget and then the scheduled backup will not start.

Is there a way to ensure that

1.- The normal user will log-off at least shortly before the scheduled backup...

2.- .. the admin-user will log-in shortly before the scheduled backup...

3.- ... the backup will run at the given time...

4.- ... the admin-user will then log-off and...

5.- ... the normal-user will log-in

so that in the morning I will find everything as I left it in the evening and the scheduled backup runs every night?


Kind regards,
Vlad Ghitulescu
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