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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
I explain this in the Shirt Pocket blog - it's due to "tightened security" in Mountain Lion. We're working on a fix.
Any news on this auto mounting fix?

The App Store App is behaving very badly when I leave my mirror mounted. It is even updating applications on the mirrors and the result is that my dock icons start apps from the mirror without me even knowing. It also leads to update problems and crashes in the App Store App and invalid badge numbers (updates count).

Besides this, leaving the mirrors mounted also causes problems for spotlight indexing. I can't trust Spotlight to find the correct file because it also finds copies of the file on the mirror. And spotlight is continuously indexing my external drive (mirror). Adding the mirrors to Spotlights 'Privacy' list doesn't help either because after the mirror is rewritten this setting is reversed again.

This is obviously all Apples fault but the automatic mounting and un-mouting of my Superduper mirrors would prevent all the problems like it did before Mountain Lion.

I don't want to pressure you :-) but I would be really glad if the old functionality was restored.
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