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Glyph and Seagate

I have two external drives, both set up the same way - two partitions, one partition for Time Machine and the other partition for SuperDuper full bootable backups for my Intel iMac.

The Seagate GoFlex 1TB came with both USB 2 and FW800 adaptors (There is an optional adaptor for USB 3) - I use the FW. I keep this one in my locker at work, and update it every couple of weeks.

For home/desktop backups I have a Glyph GT050Q 1TB which has an Oxford 924 chip and USB 2, FW400/800 as well as SATA connections. I use the FW800.

I recently tested my ability to boot from the Glyph - no problems. Need to test the GoFlex soon.
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