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Sucess With eSata Drives Using 2.6.2

Thought I'd also share:

Have #4 (discontinued), external OWC eSata Enclosures, (No Bridges - No Frills). Each enclosure contains #2 2TB Hitachi DeskStars, and a few older Seagates. Use straight up eSATA connections thru #2 Dat Optic PCIe 4 port eSata cards. Transfer speeds vary from approx. 10,000 MiB/s to about 2,000 MiB/s, (sometimes less).

*Depending on the size of the drive, the 'All Clear Green Indicators' sometimes take a few seconds to come up. All seem to work fine.

Why so many drives?

I'm working on a WWII Documentary - multitudes of Video.


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