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Question Auto mount target on Mountain lion

On prev. OS/X versions with prev. Superduper versions I was able to let Superduper automatically mount the target (external USB) drive. This doesn't work anymore on Mountain Lion with the latest Superduper.

Is this feature broken in the most recent version of either the OS or Superduper?

I would really like the old behaviour back. The backup drive is now permanently mounted. This causes slowdowns because Spotlight is indexing the external drive (excluding it from spotlight only works temporarily) and it slows down other processes like file open dialogs because the system is waiting for the external drive to spin up etc.

Also the files show up in the spotlight results and this has the danger of accidentally modifying a backup file instead of the original.

If I unmount the external USB drive and forget to mount it the backup just fails.

I hope there is something that can be done about this problem.

Regards, Tim
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