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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Please send the full crash logs to me at support and I'll take a look. We've had no other reports of this...
Actually, Dave, it's been happening to me but I've only just had the time to deal with it. My log only shows the last successful backup which I did manually this morning as the scheduled one didn't run again at 10.30pm last night. I'll send the log to you tomorrow when I see if it's not worked again as I suspect.

The reason I have noticed this behaviour is because I schedule my iMac to power on in the mornings at 8.00am every day and then schedule SD! to backup and shut down the iMac every day at 10.30pm. Therefore, on those occasions that I've got to the office before 8.00am, I've wondered why my machine is on. Checking SD!'s 'scheduling pane' shows that the backup didn't run. Others may not be noticing this behaviour as there may be no visual alert unless they actually bother to check whether or not their scheduled backup has worked and that maybe why you've not had any other reports to date.

Now, I did yesterday schedule a backup for two minutes after the time I made the schedule and everything worked just fine so I'm now wondering if the issue is perhaps because SD! is not waking the computer from sleep...?
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