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Backup drive does not show up as startup option

Well, I have my old G4 iMac and a recycled drive in an enclosure. My wife uses this Mac for a few things, but lately has been creating a large Excel file for her church chorus music, so I thought I'd better be sure she was backing up, because of the vast number of hours he's put in.

I had been doing smart backups and they seemed to go through. I decided I'd test the backup, and, while the external drive shows up fine on the desktop, it does not come up as a boot drive choice. SO, I did a full erase and copy, shut everything down and tried to boot with the option key down, but all I see is the internal drive - no backup (there is a "network drive" with a question mark on it, though). So, the backup drive is still on the desktop, but not as a system preferences option as a startup drive.

OK, I have the excel file saved elsewhere now, so no harm, no foul, but why doesn't the drive show as a boot volume?
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