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Cloning an entire disk as opposed to a volume?

I've been using a 1 TB LaCie Poulton design external drive partitioned into two volumes--a 250 GB volume which is a clone of my MacBook Air drive and a 750 GB volume that holds my iTunes music files.

I just bought a new 1 TB LaCie Minimus external drive that I've partitioned into four volumes to better meet my needs--a 250 GB volume to back up my MacBook Air, a 150 GB volume to back up my old MacBook, a 500 GB volume to back up my iTunes library, and a 100 GB volume to serve as a general files storage area.

Now that I've set up the new drive, I'd like to repartition the old drive to match it and make backing up less cumbersome.

Is there a way to use SuperDuper! to copy an entire partitioned disk as opposed to an individual volume? If so, is this recommended or would you suggest I do everything manually (ie erase and repartition the old disk and then use SuperDuper! to copy each volume to the appropriate partition)?

Sorry if this is a dumb question and thanks in advance!

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