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Glad it's not SuperDuper. Now the mystery is what IS causing it...

Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
We're not doing anything with a network connection, except for checking for updates. As you can see here, 'automountd' is what's generating that when we simply ask the system to refresh its mount points. We never talk to automountd directly. We never do anything other than check for updates, and that we do once, when we start, and only if you have check for updates turned on.

We're NOT doing ANYTHING other than that, Jeff.
Thanks for the prompt response. I'm pleased that SuperDuper! is not directly involved.

Now of course, the question remains as to why automountd is attempting this strange network connection when SuperDuper calls automountd both at the beginning and end of an automated backup, but at no other time, (including using Disk Utility to look at all available drives which I assume also calls for a refresh of mount points.) Perhaps other readers might have some insight?

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