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Exclamation SuperDuper! Causes Automountd to go to unexpected network drive??

Looks like I have have to bump this thread.

This morning, for the first time ever, I came to my Mac (Lion) to find that the 1:00 am scheduled SuperDuper! backup had stalled with the copy dialog on the screen and LittleSnitch saying that automountd wanted to get to on Port 111 (sunRPC)
(I have an image of the Little Snitch dialog but can't figure out how to paste it into this Web editor.)

My internet is provided by Comcast but I'm certainly not intentionally attempting to mount any network drive (only one of the local hard disks in this Mac Pro).

Trying to find out if it was indeed SuperDuper! that was initiating this behavior (since it appeared hung) I disconnected the Internet, allowed LittleSnitch to do this 1 time, and immediately SuperDuper! continued its backup in a normal manner.

However, the Console log did report the following:
12/18/11 8:54:24.951 AM SuperDuper!: Connection failed! Error - The Internet connection appears to be offline.
which does seem to make it clear that SuperDuper! was indeed trying to get to the Internet when I told Little Snitch to allow the action (but had disconnected the system from the Internet)!!! This is worrysome.

Then, when SuperDuper! was finishing the backup at:
"After Successful Copy - Restoring Spotlight state on SuperDuper Mac Pro BKP" (which is the name of the local hard disk drive backup target)

the SAME automountd Little Snitch dialog (wanting to connect to the same location!) came up and again hung SuperDuper! until I allowed it to continue. (This time I said DENY and SuperDuper! still then completed its backup with no problem.)

SO - as suggested before, SuperDuper! does seem to be triggering what appears to be inappropriate activity (there are some warnings on the Web about Port 111, as well as a few for that specific host).

How can we get to the bottom of this, please?
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