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About encryption of the cloned drive...

Can someone also clarify the point about the cloned drive? I currently SuperDuper my MBP to an external Firewire 800 2.5" drive. Is there any way to keep that as encrypted as the internal drive (once I activate FileVault2)? I'm more paranoid than Tom125, I guess.

Also, what would the recovery process be? I guess the Recovery Partition has to hold the encryption keys, so maybe it isn't even possible. Hmmm. Now my head hurts. I suppose, then, the process is thus:
1. Turn on FV2. Internal drive is fully encrypted, there is a Recovery Partition in place.
2. Clone drive to external drive, but no Recovery Partition on that drive, and no encryption.
3. Create Recovery Partition on 4GB SD card, just so there is one, but again, it's for the tools therein and won't be much help with encryption of that external copy.
4. In the event of catastrophe, like a botched drive, install the new drive and install Lion on it (didn't everyone copy the DMG image after download but pre-install? :-) I'm glad I did.) This gets the Recovery Partition.
5. Clone the external drive to the internal drive, either by booting to that drive or installing SD! to the new internal drive.
6. Turn on FV2 again.

That sound about right?
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