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This is a relatively fresh and related thread, so I'll post here...

Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
The way to recover from that would be to clean install OSX, then - when prompted to 'copy from another Mac', you can either restore from TM or from SD... basically, the same thing.

Useful info. Thanks. I gather, however, that doing a restore from TM could be a painfully long process.

I have one other scenario. My current config for my System/Apps drive is to have TM do it's hourly incremental thing and have SD run twice a day. I have had cases where my primary drive failed and I had to boot of the SD drive to fix things. Work great.

My question is what is the best way to pick up any incremental changes from TM since the last SD sync? My first approach would be to run find(1) to locate any files on the TM volume that had been modified/created since my last SD sync. This would make it easier to recover stuff like my mailboxes and what-not that happen to be stored on the same drive. It would also make tracking down the problem that caused the crash if it were, in fact, a software problem.

Any ideas?

BTW, I keep all of my other work files on a set of mirrored/snapshotted/rsync'd ZFS drives. My backup needs there are quite a bit different and it's a lot more data to deal with.

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