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Rats. That what I thought.

And I was just reading another of your answers, from 2008, that said basically the same thing. So, thanks for the reply. I wish that answer had changed!

The problem is that you're trying to boot a Mac from a version of OSX that doesn't support it. In general, you cannot start up a 'new' mac from a version of OSX that was released before the Mac was.

OSX is great because a given version of OSX is 'universally' compatible with Macs that were released at the time of the OSX version. But new Macs often come with new chips, display devices, etc that are not recognized or supported by earlier version of OSX.

You can fix this by doing a Leopard upgrade to the backup, although that might not be what you want to do... you can also start up from your Leopard install and access your files on the backup (but not run from it).
--Dave Nanian
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