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Backup hangs on Restoring Spotlight state

I have multiple macs running SD!. All of them are creating read/write sparse images on the same NAS device.

Recently, one of my mac's has been having a problem where it hangs on the Restoring Spotlight state step. Yesterday, it ran 20 hours before I canceled the backup.

I use Time capsule to backup hourly, and SD! to create a disk image nightly. So, it's not a huge issue, but I would like to get this going again. I can't seem to find anything in particular that would be causing this problem. I don't seem to have it on any others.

Before I deleted and re-created the backup disk image, I wanted to see if there is something I could / should do to either fix the problem, or, more importantly, make sure it doesn't happen if I simply start over with a new image.

I have macbook pros, macbook air, and macbook mini that run SD!. It is the macbook mini that seems to have the problem.

I'm running SD! 2.6.2 v87 on the mini, and OS X 10.6.6


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