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"Where is System Events?"

After learning that my startup drive had errors (miscounted files), I booted from one of my two SuperDuper! clones to run Disk Utility and repair the disk. (One of many reasons to have a clone)

On starting from the clone, I got two messages: "Where is System" and "Where is System Events?" A trifle spooked, I Googled this and read several non-definitive threads on various forums, eventually concluding that it probably had to do with some startup items - and that I didn't care if any of them started up, since all I intended to do from this clone was repair my usual startup disk. So I clicked Cancel on both, proceeded with the repair, and restarted from my normal startup drive. On this startup, I did not get the messages. So all seems fine.

In the various forums I scanned, I noticed that a few people reported getting these messages on booting from a clone - one from SuperDuper!, two or three from Carbon Copy Cloner. So I was thinking that maybe this is one of the system files that SuperDuper! doesn't copy - but I looked on the clone, and there was System Events, right where it's supposed to be.

Anyone else had this occur? If so, did anything come of it? Does anyone know what causes this? Do you know, Dave?
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